Voronoi Clinic by BllendDesignOffice

Project name: Voronoi Clinic
Project type: Public Space
Location: Athens, Greece
Interior design: BllendDesignOffice
Cleaf’s official distributor: Kanelli

The inspiration for the interior design of the Voronoi clinic, located in an emblematic neoclassic building in Athens, was Voronoi diagram, a mathematical way of dividing space into a number of regions. The whole concept was to hint cellular rejuvenations and reconstruction that takes place in cosmetic dermatology clinics.

Primofiore UB02 Blue Night was chosen as dominant surface to emit the elements of elegant classicism blended with the mysticism of midnight blue atmospheres.
The surface was applied on wall cladding and suspended ceilings, highlighting the contraste between dark leather and bright light, as well as on bespoke furniture for the reception, medical cabins and doctors exam rooms.