Lobby Alive by NH Group

Project name: Lobby Alive by NH Group
Project type: Hotel
Location: Milan, Italy
Interior design: CaberlonCaroppi
Cleaf’s official distributor:Tragni

Lobby Alive is a space open to Milanese citizens and their guests to offer a unique and unconventional hospitality experience.
The idea to ​​rethink the hotel lobby comes from NH Group which, thanks to the interpretation of CaberlonCaroppi, has managed to transform a simple transit place into an experiential space and meeting point open to the city.
The interior concepttakes inspiration from the atmosphere of the traditional Milanese private living rooms and from the typical Milanese modus vivendi, well explained by the motto “Milano da bere” and “Milano che lavora.”
A real Milanese space where you can sip a drink, read a book, exchange a chat and work.

For the library was chosen the Scots pine wood style of the Yosemite S016 Arera while for the bar counter and the wine cellar was selected the softness and silky effect of the Piombo HM04 Visone