Equador 804 Apartment

Project name: Equador 804 Apartment
Project type: Private House
Location: Cascais, Portugal
Architect: DC.AD
Cleaf’s official distributor: Banema

The Equador 804 Apartment in Cascais by DC.AD is the June Monthly Winner of the Shaping Surfaces competition by Cleaf.

The renovation project leitmotif consists in the clear delimitation of the bedroom/living and the functional/humid area, characterized by the application of different and contrasting materials.

A new element that incorporates various functions was introduced into the bedroom/living, offering a sense of spatial unity.
The single and continuous piece of furniture, built with Sablè LR22 Valley, is L-shaped along two of the perimeter walls.
This element arranges simultaneously different uses: it’s a support structure in the entrance, low and longitudinal, then it continues and transforms into a bed with a privileged view to the exterior; in the perpendicular wall it becomes a storage and a work desk.