The vinyl collector’s house

Project name: The vinyl collector’s house
Project type: Private House 
Location: Moscow
Architect: Olga Lapshova
Cleaf’s official distributor:Alf Market

A tiny apartment in Moscow by Olga Lapshova is the November Monthly Winner of the Shaping Surfaces competition by Cleaf.

A vinyl collector needed to make his small house comfortable and full of storages.
The interior project focused on the layout, color combinations and textures turned out to be masculine, elegant and bright
All built-in furniture is custom made with nine different Cleaf products, harmoniously combined.

Reflex FA84 Bronzo and Talco UB19 Grigio were chosen for the entrance furniture and the shelves for records.
Inside the main room Piombo HM01 Beige, Idea FB80 Renio and Matrix FA90 Levante were applied to the wardrobe.
Nadir UB25 Asparago and Nadir UB02 Blue Night were used for the child’s room wardrobe and bookcase, while Idea FB86 Curio for the drawers. 
Finally Talco UA94 Visone was chosen for the bathroom’s furniture.