Villa Mimaze

Project name: Villa Mimaze
Project type: Private House
Location: Crete, Greece
Architect: Doriza Design
Cleaf’s official distributor: Kanelli

Villa Mimaze in Crete by Doriza Design is the December Monthly Winner of the Shaping Surfaces competition by Cleaf.

The house develops a dialectical relation between indoor and outdoor spaces.
The interior design follows a strict minimal approach which aims to create a sense of serenity and purity.
A total white mood dominates and serves as a neutral frame for the view of the sea and the bay of Elounda.
Materials and earthy matt colors emerge with a delicate touch into selected elements of furniture, lighting and decoration to define the interior.

Among these the Okobo S160 Meguro, with its natural and warm look of the Paulownia wood, was used for the bespoke kitchen, and Fronda S165 Iris, with its elm wood grains, for the desk of the bedroom.