The Jury

On April 30 the Winner of the fourth edition of the Shaping Surfaces competition by Cleaf will be unveiled.
The monthly awarded projects will be evaluated by a jury of multidisciplinary professionals of the design sector to identify the winning one.The jury will take into consideration both the innovation of the interior design and the best use of Cleaf Surfaces.

Today we present the members of the jury:

Roberta Brambilla, born in Milan, under a big snowfall, passionate about art, design and biographies, photographer by chance.She lives and works between Milan and Valverde collaborating with fashion brands, design companies and magazines. 

Marino Ramazzotti, began his photographic experience while attending the Istituto Statale d’Arte in Monza, to continue his training at photographic studios in Milan, London and completed it with the photographer Serge Libiszewski. His professional career is more concentrated in the field of design and architecture, working with trade companies, professionals and magazines. With personal projects, he has exhibited in Milan, Venice, Bergamo, Trento, Ravenna, Gubbio, Parma, Dessau, Gera, Dresden, New York, Berlin.

Alessandro Pasinelli, began by studying fashion and textile design in Milan. In 2004 he opened his own multidisciplinary Design Studio dealing with design, interior, styling and art direction. He collaborates with many companies, editorial offices and photographers. He collects design pieces by great Italian Maestri, loves green projects and the contamination between art, fashion and design, always looking for new communicative languages.He lives and works in Milan, collaborating with a multitasking team able to offer varied creative solutions.

Mario Bisson, associate professor at Politecnico di Milano, pertains to the Department of Design. He has been teaching in the School of Design since A/A 1996/97 Product Design, Color and Perception, Visual Elements for Design, Morphology of Components. He collaborated from 1987 to 2005 with Prof. Attilio Marcolli dealing with research in Architecture, Urbanism, Design and Art. He is: co-founder of JRP Active Aging at Fondazione Politecnico di Milano; scientific director of Lab. Color of the Department of Design at Politecnico di Milano; Scientific Director of the Interdepartmental Lab of Environmental Design & Multisensory Experience; Director of the Master in Sensorial Surface Design at Polidesign.He has taught at numerous Schools of Design including Scuola Politecnica di Design and the European Institute of Design. He has several publications in the field of Design to his credit. He has done various research and provided consultancy at national and international facilities. He serves on scientific committees and editorial boards of scientific journals.

Paola Mazzoletti, is CFO of Cleaf Her strong finance and business planning skills are well combined with her innate passion for furniture and design.