TerraSense – Retreat & Farm

Project name: TerraSense – Retreat & Farm
Project type: Hotel
Location: Videmonte, Portugal
Architect: Artspazios
Cleaf’s official distributor: Banema

TerraSense – Retreat & Farm in Videmonte by Artspazios is the October Monthly Winner of the Shaping Surfaces competition by Cleaf.

The village of Videmonte is known for its tranquility and natural beauty.   
The design concept of this rural refuge was guided by a profound respect for the surrounding environment, aiming to blend the interior and exterior worlds together.
By selecting the right materials and textures, architects’s goal was to create a space that envelops visitors in the soothing embrace of nature while stimulating their senses.

Okobo S158 captured their attention with its remarkable design, color and technical qualities. They used it to cover doors, cabinets, a custom-made dining table and slatted divisions, allowing them to create an environment where surfaces emerge, not only defining the space but also shaping the very essence of Videmonte itself.