Sun Rocks Luxury Suites

Project name: Sun Rocks Luxury Suites
Project type: Hotel
Location: Santorini, Greece
Architect: Achilleas Kritikos
Cleaf’s official distributor: Kanelli

The Sun Rocks Luxury Suites in Santorini by Achilleas Kritikos is the August Monthly Winner of the Shaping Surfaces competition by Cleaf.

The concept of the interior project was to create a totally different style from the one that prevails in the island of Santorini.
Avoiding elements and colors that characterize the Cycladic architectures, the eighteen contemporary design suites have a minimal and luxury approach
Clean lines, bold cuts, lighting research and colours’ combination create a relaxing setting, a cosmopolitan journey against the Aegean backdrop. 

The bespoke furniture made with Cleaf surfaces are inspired by the Italian elegance and beauty.
Sabl√® LR25 Ascari and Concreta FC38 Bassi were chosen for different elements of the rooms: bed, desk, consolle and mirror. Bathrooms’ furnitures are made with Duna FC05 Siza.