• Competition: indicates the competition delimited by this Regulation and titled “Shaping Surfaces”.
  • Form: indicates the virtual module that Participants have to fulfil in order to complete the submission of each Project and accessible via
  • Participant(s): indicates the subjects taking part to the Competition, in accordance with the following article 4.
  • Products: indicates the products manufactured and commercialized by the Promoter on the market and used by the Participants in their Projects. In particular: faced panels, laminates and edges.
  • Project(s): indicates interior design realizations, installations or other works carried out by the Participants with the use of the Products.
  • Promoter: indicates the subject that organizes and manages the Competition, CLEAF s.p.a..
  • Regulation: indicates the present set of rules.

Article 1 – Promoter of the Competition

The Promoter of the Competition is CLEAF s.p.a., an Italian company producing innovative surfaces and solutions for the furniture and interior design industries, whose products and materials are installed worldwide by architects and companies building inspirational spaces for living and working.

Unless CLEAF expressly authorizes other subjects, it will be the only subject responsible for the organization and management of the Competition.

CLEAF has the exclusive right to cancel, suspend or modify, partially or as a whole, the Regulation.

Article 2 – Purpose of the Competition

The Competition aims to stimulate the creativity of architects and interior designers as well as to collect images of Projects created with CLEAF surfaces to highlight their multiple applications.

The Competition offers at the same time the opportunity for Participants to gain visibility for the Projects they have created and for CLEAF the chance to learn more about the works that their Products have made possible all around the world.

Article 3 – Theme of the Competition

The theme of the Competition is “Shaping Surface“, which underlines the importance and the role that CLEAF Products play in the realization of interior design projects, combining the talent of the Participants with the quality of such Products.

The Competition will take place from June 2020 to March 2021 and it will grant a monthly award and a final prize, as specified on Article 8.

Article 4 – Participants and admission requirements

Architects (or Architects’ firms/group of Architects) and Interior Designers (or Interior Designers’ firms/group of Interior Designers) who, at the time of participation, have realized at least one Project are admitted to submit the Project and participate in the Competition.

Participation in the Competition takes place by submitting, within the deadlines and with the methods specified below, a Project.

With the correct submission of their own first Project, the subjects declare at the same time to accept the Regulation and any further provisions possibly provided by the Promoter.

In case a Project has been realized by two or more Architects/Interior Designers as well as Architects/Interior Designers’ Firms, the submission must be made by a representative of the group/Firm. The same representative shall submit during the Competition also each and any other further Project(s) made by the same Firm or group and he/she will be the referent for any kind of communication from CLEAF.

According to the previous paragraph, after the submission of the Project, this Regulation applies also to the other members of the Firm or of the group.

Article 5 – Submission of the Projects

To be entitled to the possibility of obtaining the prizes, Participants in the Competition must submit one of their Projects.

The submission of the Project must take place only via the Form, accessible at

Every month of the Competition, each subject interested in participating can submit his/her/its own Project by filling out the Form referred to in the previous paragraph and attaching the documents required by the Form itself.

In particular, it will be necessary to attach 5 (five) images of the Project in high resolution (.jpeg format, 300 dpi) renamed as follows:


Each interested subject can submit one and only one Project for each month of Competition. In the event of multiple Projects being submitted by the same subject during the same month, the Projects subsequent to the first shall not be considered valid and, therefore, shall not be evaluated for the purposes of awarding the prizes, both monthly and final.

A Participant may submit his own same Project only once during the Competition. In case of failure to win in the month of submission, therefore, the same Project cannot be presented again one of the following months.

After the submission of the Project, Participants will not be able to modify its description or attachments, having the only option of withdraw from that month’s Competition.

CLEAF will review the monthly Projects only at the end of such month, therefore revealing the respective winner.

Projects not considered valid (because of the lack of requirements stated in this article or because they have been submitted after the submission of another Project from the same subject during the same month) can in any case be re-submitted, where possible, in one of the following months, so far as they are then compliant to the requirements.

The submission of the Project can take place from the first to the last day of each month and will be assessed as pertaining to the month in which the submission is finalized.

The Projects whose images are sent must have already been realized and be on the market on the date of submission. Since images of Projects not yet fully completed cannot be submitted.

Participants will only be able to submit Projects realized on the base of their ideas/work.

Article 6 – Jury

The evaluation of the Projects for the assignment of the monthly awards will be carried out by a specific Cleaf’s Jury of experts.

Further components (to be nominated) will be added for the final prize to be awarded to the Jury.

Article 7 – Judgment parameters

The evaluation of each prize will be carried out based on two parameters, of equal importance and, respectively:

  • interior design innovation (50%)
  • the best use of CLEAF surfaces (50%)

The quantification of these parameters is left to the discretion of the Jury, as it is composed of experts in the sector.

Article 8 – Prizes and awards

During the period of the Competition, the Jury will award prizes to the Participants who have distinguished themselves based on the parameters referred to in the previous article. In particular, the prizes fall into two categories:

  • Monthly award: at the end of each month the Jury will fix a session to evaluate the best Project of the month just ended;
  • Final award: at the end of the last month of the Competition, the Jury will meet to determine which of the monthly winning Projects is the best.

The winning Project of each month, as a prize, will be highlighted in a dedicated newsletter which will be sent the following month to a selected list of furniture manufacturers, architects and interior designers and it will be also published on the CLEAF Instagram channel and uploaded in the “Winners” section of the website.

The Participant whose Project will be recognized as the best overall, will receive a brief order from CLEAF to carry out an installation or a research project to be determined, for a value of approximately 10,000 Euro (VAT excluded), and will be invited to spend a weekend in Italy (for 2 people) expensed by CLEAF. The program and the other details of such weekend will be defined between CLEAF and the final winner after the conclusion of the Competition.

The communication of the final award will be made on the occasion of the “Salone del Mobile, Milano”.

In no case will the carrying out of the project granted as the final prize involve the establishment of an association, company or entity, even de facto, between the winning Participant and CLEAF. The rules for carrying out such project are separate and will be defined between the winning Participant and CLEAF only after the conclusion of the Competition.

Article 9 – Intellectual Property Rights

Participants expressly declare and guarantee that all intellectual property rights on the Projects and materials they submitted via the Form are their exclusive and free of condition property and that they do not violate any right of third parties.

Publication and modification rights on the images of the Projects are granted to CLEAF free of charge by submitting these images on the Form for all the activities related to the Competition and CLEAF.

Participants undertake to have obtained a prior written consent of their clients to use all intellectual property rights and copyright on the Projects and on the images of the Projects for the purposes of the Competition. Participants also undertake to have obtained a prior written consent to use and publish the name of their clients to describe the Project and the images of the Projects.

Participants undertake to hold CLEAF harmless from any claim or prejudice that third parties may advance regarding the use of the images of the Projects submitted by the Participants on the Form, including legal consequences.

In any case, If CLEAF is called, also in Court, to answer for any infringement of intellectual property rights complained by third parties and concerning the images or other materials submitted by a Participant on the Form, this Participant must undertake to provide CLEAF with its full collaboration, in addition to indemnifying CLEAF for as anticipated by the same for the occurrence of such eventualities. In such cases, CLEAF has the right to claim the Participant for the compensation for the damages suffered.

Taking part in the Competition does not grant to the Participants any kind of claim on the Intellectual Property rights of CLEAF. In Particular, unless expressly stated by CLEAF, Participants have no right to use for personal promotion or other purposes the images or other materials owned by CLEAF.

Article 10 – Causes of exclusion and withdrawal from the Competition

A Participant can be excluded from the Competition in the following cases:

  • Lack of admission requirements referred to in article 4;
  • The submitted Project does not respect the characteristics referred to in article 5. In such case, the Participant will be excluded only for the “invalid” Project and he/she/it is free, where possible, to submit another Project one of the following months, or even the same Project previously declared “invalid” in the case it has now the requirements ex article 5;
  • CLEAF becomes aware that the Participant is not the actual creator of the Project submitted via Form;
  • The Participant tries in any way to influence the choice of the Jury in his own favor or against the other Participants in the Competition with the aim of winning one or more awards;
  • In general, if the Participant engages in conduct that could damage the prestige, image and reputation of CLEAF, its products or the Competition as such.

Each participant, following the submission of a Project, is free to renounce participation in the Competition. The waiver must be made in writing and sent to the indicating the name of the Participant, the name of the Project, the date of submission of such Project and the intention to waive from the Competition.

The withdrawal has no effect for the Projects already published or shared by CLEAF before the Participant declared to waive from the Competition.

In any case, if a Participant decide to waive one Project from the Competition, he/she/it can submit a new Project exclusively during the months following the one during whom he/she/it withdrawn the previous Project, if possible.

Without prejudice to what is stated in this article, withdrawal has no effects on the right already acquired by CLEAF of the images and materials submitted before the declaration of waive. The withdrawing Participant is not entitled to any kind of compensation or remuneration in case of withdrawal.

Article 11 – Modifications

For the entire duration of the Competition, the Promoter may modify this Regulation. The Promoter will be required to expressly communicate these changes to the Participants only in cases where they concern fundamental aspects of the Competition, such as:

  • The conditions for admission of Participants;
  • The methods of submission and the content of the Projects;
  • The awards.

The Promoter is not required to notice the Participants for any other modification and the Participants undertake to frequently check this Regulation, that will be promptly updated in case of variations.

Article 12 – Privacy

All personal data collected during the course and for participation in this Competition will be processed in accordance with the provisions of EU Reg. 2016/679. In particular, please refer to the specific privacy information available through the Form that must be viewed and expressly accepted by all Participants for admission to the Competition.

Article 13 – Legal basis

The Competition is governed by these Regulations, by its possible attachments and by any other documents specifically indicated to the Participants by CLEAF.

For anything not expressly provided for in these Regulations, please refer to Italian law, insofar as applicable.

By submitting even just one Project, the Participants expressly declare to accept the terms and provisions of these Regulations and to undertake to respect them.

For any dispute arising in reference to these Regulations, exclusive jurisdiction is entrusted to the Court of Milan with exclusion of any other concurrent Court.

Article 14 – Contact

CLEAF S.p.A.: Via Bottego 15, 20851, Lissone (MB), Italy
ph. +39 039 2074
fax +39 039 2017820