Mozzanica Headquarters

Project name: Mozzanica Headquarters
Project type: Office
Location: Osnago (LC), Italy
Architect: Alessandro Villa Studio
Cleaf’s official distributor:Tragni

The Mozzanica Headquarters in Osnago by Alessandro Villa Studio is the June Monthly Winner of the Shaping Surfaces competition by Cleaf.

The project involves the transformation of a production building into a multi functional complex organized into three main areas: offices, production and a space for training activities and events related to safety and fire prevention systems.

Materials and colors refer to the industrial origin of the complex: the smooth concrete floor, the range of grays for the walls and the bespoke furniture made with Cleaf surfaces.
In particular the reception and the bar counter are made with Piombo HM00 Total White, in combination with black glass, the cabinets in the offices of the first floor with Ares FB51 Eclissi.