Center Mebel showroom

Project name: Center Mebel showroom
Project type: Retail Space
Location: Białystok, Poland
Architect: 74studio
Cleaf’s official distributor: Center Mebel

The Center Mebel showroom in Białystok by 74studio is the July Monthly Winner of the Shaping Surfaces competition by Cleaf.

The need to highlight the power of different types of materials for furniture and interiors led to recreate some home environments. The space was then divided into living room, dining room, kitchen, dressing room, study, and obviously an area where to see all the samples.

Cleaf surfaces are the main heroes of this interior design project. Among all the products Alpaca FC29 was chosen for the interior of the cabinet closet, Riga LS54 in combination with Poro Noce LS54 for the kitchenIdea FB86 for the library and Mosaico FB45 for the decoration of the corridor.