Bistro Siena

Project name: Bistro Siena
Project type: Bar/Restaurant
Location: Trier, Germany
Architect: Matteo Totta Architetto
Cleaf’s official distributor: Manfred Scherf

The Bistro Siena in Trier by Matteo Totta Architetto is the November Monthly Winner of the Shaping Surfaces competition by Cleaf.

A narrow and long space needed an element to attract the customer and to invite him to follow the linear development of the restaurant.
For this reason the front cladding of the bar counter is made with an alternation of two types of Cleaf surfaces, inclined at 45 degrees. 
A sequence of light and dark colors with Sabl√® LR23 Baikal and Poro Noce LS42 Zanardi recalls the historical buildings in Siena, such as the interior of the Siena Cathedral
A visual dinamism captures the customer’s attention and prepares him for the Italian gastronomic experience.